The Process

You need a robust presence on the web to take advantage of the Internet.

The process to establish your presence begins by building a modern responsive website that looks good on computers, tablets, and cellphones.

Next, we make the website work for you.

Websites should not look the same week after week or month after month. Nobody is going to come back to view your site if it never has anything new to offer.

A website needs to be updated with original content to keep people coming back to see what is new and to help it rank higher in search engine results on sites like Google and Yahoo.

We accomplish this by creating unique content specifically for your business or organization.

We create articles to keep your site updated. The list of topics include:

  • Seasonal Articles tailored to your business and industry. For instance, for a mechanic, we will create articles on why you should have particular work done on your vehicle at the beginning of winter or summer.
  • Industry News & Trends Articles to keep your supporters, and clients informed of changes going on in the industry or in government and how it will potentially affect them.
  • Common question and answer articles such as how to look for carpenter ants in your home for pest control companies.
  • Product-focused articles on how people can use the different products and services you offer.

The articles will include a “call-to-action” to entice people to call you for more information.

We will set up a content calendar to determine what topics work best at certain times of the year to reach people interested in what you do.

After we create a modern and responsive website filled with unique and targeted material, we will start to work on driving people to your site.

This is where social media sites, business directories, and review sites like Yelp come into play

We will create and/or manage your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will use these platforms to send out messages that drive people to your site.

Facebook used to be great for small businesses but that has changed and how you use Facebook has changed, too.  We make sure the changes needed to keep your business or organization relevant on Facebook happen. Read about it here.

We will also use email campaigns to keep in touch with your clients and supporters.

Now, high on your mind are thoughts about the cost of these services. We can develop an Internet strategy to promote your business or organization that fits even the smallest budgets.


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